I am an aquarist who works with the animals in an aquarium. I feed them, train them and make sure that they get everything that they need. My first two children's books of aquarium adventures are being sold in book stores now.


About the author

Heidi de Maine is a qualified Marine Biologist with many years' experience working with animals. She has volunteered at animal facilities such as the Gerald Durrell Wildlife Trust (Jersey Zoo) and the SPCA, has worked in aquariums and has children and education as her focus.

Growing up in South Africa gave her an appreciation for wildlife, and living inland gave her the yearning for the sea. Now she lives at the coast and loves sharing her knowledge of the marine environment whilst studying toward her Masters Degree.

About the Illustrator

Keli Hazelton grew up along the sunny shores of Cape Town, South Africa. For as long as she can remember, she's been illustrating - imagining and inventing all sorts of weird and wonderful characters! After graduating high school, she studied traditional animation, and then graphic design.

Keli worked as an animator and character designer on South Africa's first locally-produced animated TV series, she packed up and moved to (the sunny shores of) San Diego. She is currently working as a graphic designer, and enjoys the local art scene, 80's music, cupcakes and taking her puppy to the park.

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